Fear based thoughts can really hold us back, can't they?

Not one person is exempt from them no matter how positive and energised the person may be. 

Thoughts race through your mind every second of every day, and it can be exhausting to keep everything in check, especially when you're at crossroads in your life that require logical and clear thinking to take the correct steps for where you want to be.


But it's not all that simple is it.


What can happen at this point in life is that your mind throws up a multitude of reasons why you SHOULDN'T take steps outside of your comfort zone, reminding you of all of the previous failed attempts you've had and really drill home that you really are better off where you are, whether you like it or not.


But what if I told you there were steps you could take to start dissecting your fear based thoughts, and start using these as motivators to keep you on track to achieving your goals? And that you could start addressing your fear based thoughts in 5 achievable steps that you can work on straight away, with clarity, intention and purposeful steps?


I've been on the receiving end of some major fear based thoughts that have stopped me in my tracks and derailed me from taking the steps I desperately wanted to move towards my goals. But after a stern talking to myself and addressing the fears head on, I realised that the only person holding myself back was *drumroll*.... me. And once I took responsibility for my thoughts I felt more motivated, energised and purposeful in really striding towards what I wanted in life.


If this is something that resonates with you too, I've created an e-book that guides you towards tackling your fear based thoughts with actionable and achievable steps to make you feel like you can tackle whatever comes your way. 


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