Who are you?

There’s more information about me here.


What do you do?

I work with people who are at the stage of making pro-active changes to their current business, whether this is currently a side business alongside working in another job, or moving into new ventures with their current business.


See more information here and here.


Who do you work with?

I work with people who are motivated to start making changes with the side hustle business or existing businesses that they wish to progress with.

If you require help with other areas of your business life then get in touch here.


What services do you offer?

You can find more information on the services offered here.


Are payment plans available?

Yes there are payment plans available for the 3 and 6 month foundation building courses; unfortunately I can’t offer a payment plan for the one session laser focussed session.


How are sessions held?

All sessions are conducted via Skype. I will require your Skype name in order to call you for the sessions.

I may be able to offer face to face sessions dependant on location and availability, although this will have to be discussed and agreed upon as per individual requirements and circumstances.


Are Skype calls video or call recorded?

All sessions via Skype will be voice recorded and sent to you after each session, along with after-session work to be completed to consolidate the discussions and progress made during the call.


Is homework set?

In a sense, yes! I don’t like to call this homework, rather consolidation of the work we’ve discussed in the sessions. 

I may also set other work to help you progress in specific ways to address the business related goals we’ve discussed in sessions.


What don’t you offer?

I’m not a therapist and don’t claim to be! I understand that some of the discussions on deep rooted belief systems and fear based thoughts may raise negative experiences that relate to other experiences that you may have encountered which I won’t be able to help with. 

Should this happen, I will be honest and open with you and suggest that specific support is sought to address these issues in an appropriate way. 

I really don’t want to set you on a pathway that is negative and detrimental to you rather than being progressive and illuminating that I strive for.


Where can I contact you?

You are more than welcome to contact me here should there be any other questions or information you want answering.