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You’re feeling overwhelmed with feelings and strong urges to turn your side hustle into your main occupation but you’re scared of taking the risk to shake things up a little. Maybe the thought of risking all that you have to laser focus your attention onto building your side hustle into a full time occupation is far greater than you realised.


Or maybe you’ve already taken the jump and are fully immersed in your business but you want to make changes to it, possibly take your business into a new direction or re-jig everything so you have more of a home-work balance but you don’t feel you have the mental energy to start the process.


Do any of these scenarios resonate with you?


If so, coaching maybe a good fit for you. 

The fact that you’re here reading this indicates that you may benefit from support in either taking your side hustle to your full time occupation, or taking the next steps in your existing business.



Working full or part time hours in another job that pays the bills but devoting any spare hours to creating, designing and slowly but surely building a side hustle business is the reality for a lot of people. 

But the dream is to move towards turning the side hustle into the full time occupation... but something is holding you back. You can't put your finger on it but the fear of not only staying where you are and not giving your venture a chance at becoming the greatest thing you've ever done but also of changing finances, other people's views, lack of confidence and much more are all holding you back. And that's not even looking at your own views and beliefs as to the steps you crave to take.



And once you’ve taken the first steps and built a business, this doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the line for development and progressing further with it… no way! It’s just the beginning in taking the next steps!


I’ve been in both situations so I know and appreciate how tricky these times can be, as well as understanding how good it can feel to make the progress you’ve dreamt about.


Want to know more about me? Click here to find out more information on my background.






As a Creative Coach, I know from my wealth of experience of working with people who encounter difficulties in many areas of their lives, as well as building and sustaining my first business, how fear based thoughts and emotions can be the catalyst to dreams either being unfulfilled or bought to life through actionable, strategic and purposeful steps.


So I’ve taken my experiences and used these as my own catalyst to build The Creative Revival, something that I am wholly passionate about.


I truly believe that negative thoughts, based on internal fears and deep rooted beliefs, can be the barrier to progressing with your goals. Thoughts trigger negative emotions and you end up staying within your perceived comfort zone, as well as reinforcing the fear based belief’s you hold about doing something different with your life.


I know, I’ve been there, and it can take a barrel full of determination, focus and direction to push yourself forwards.


But all is not lost!

As uncomfortable it may seem, addressing the thoughts, emotions and deep rooted belief systems that are holding you back and identifying purposeful, intentional and focussed actions to moving in right direction, will give you the confidence, clarity and motivation to break through to your goals.


Let’s be honest, you’ve done it before in other areas of your life (getting through that interview that terrified you, talking to the bank manger about opening up a business account, hitting publish on your first blog post, sending that initial pitching email to a company etc) and there’s no reason why this can’t happen in building and developing your own business.


My values



I believe that we’re all experts in our lives and no-one can tell us what will make us happy, we’re the only one’s who know or can figure this out.



The fear based thoughts in our minds that resemble fog horns of terror when we’re about to take purposeful steps to changing direction in our lives can be tamed and re-viewed in a positive light as they tell us so much more about who we are, what we believe in and how we view our place in building our dream business.



I believe that taking control of your life and business because you want to is so much more intentional, purposeful and meaningful than being told what to do by others.



Taking purposeful and intentional steps towards your goals, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem at the time, are so much more powerful than launching forward with big, vague ideas without a solid foundation.



Being accountable to someone else who walks alongside you whilst you're making changes and offering practical advice at times of struggle or strain can be the very thing you need to push forwards to your goals.



Feeling confident, motivated and determined to make changes is so much much more powerful to achieving goals than you realise, and these positive feelings allow you to take control of how you want your business to grow and develop.




SUPER FOCUSSED 1:1 MENTORING SESSION                                                                                                                                  £185.00

Not everyone needs full-on support and mentoring but running ideas and future ventures by someone who is objective, will offer practical suggestions and help you to uncover and dispel fear based decisions is a worthwhile investment to your long term business plans and goals.

Having laser focus and being able to positively manoeuvre the intricacies of building a lifestyle business will mean your future self will thank the current you!

Length: 1 x 2.5 hour session


foundation building packages                                                                                                                               £995.00** / £1795.00**

**Please note: I am unable to offer these packages for the remainder of 2018 and won’t be available again until April 2019**

These packages are perfect for those who need specific, longer lasting support to transform ideas and potential ventures into reality.

Build your confidence at working through fear based beliefs, thoughts and emotions, using these to your advantage rather than allowing them to act as barriers to creating the lifestyle you want, and developing strategic, intentional, purposeful and focussed action plans to turn goals into something tangible.

Each and every person has a treasure trove of positive skills, techniques and qualities which may be hidden beneath a life time of self sabotaging thoughts and beliefs, it's about time these were bought into the limelight again.

All sessions are bespoke to each client’s circumstances and goals, everyone brings with them their own fears and challenges and a one-size fits all approach just won’t work.

I’ll be there as your supporter, championing you forward and helping to keep you on track and accountable to your own goals whilst providing practical advice, guidance and clarity.





The Specifics:

6 x 1 hour Skyping calls over 3 months

Unlimited email support during course of package.

Worksheets to complete outside of the sessions to consolidate conversations and action points to take prior to the next session.





The Specifics:

12 x 1 hour Skype calls over 6 months

Unlimited email support during the course of the package.

Worksheets to complete outside of the sessions to consolidate conversations and action points to take prior to the next session.