My Reasons For Starting A Podcast

Ok, hands up if podcasts are tiptoeing into your life and becoming more a necessity rather than an easy distraction as you do something else? 

*both hands up* 

I’m not one to usually start a blog post off with a question but I do feel as though podcasting has started to filter through to many aspects of my life and I now seek out an appropriate podcast episode to listen to before I set foot into my car (even a 15 minute drive necessitates a scroll through my subscribed list!).

As you can probably tell from those few paragraphs, I’m an avid podcast listener. I love listening to other people’s ups and down’s through life, laughing along to humorous anecdotes and learning from other people’s experiences if they relate to what I may be going, or have gone through, myself.


There are so many great podcasters out there and it can be difficult to chose which one to spend my time investing in, listening to and making the decision to go back for more. To be honest I’ve spent many an hour listening to countless podcast episodes, some more than once if I’m particularly taken with it, and filling my mind with thoughts of “yes! I can relate to that!,” “I’m going to do it!,” “Thanks goodness it’s not just me,” and “I’m going to download the other episodes too.”



Too many podcasts already…?

The opinion of there may be too many people trying their hand at podcasting nowadays, that we’re oversaturated with information and people thinking they have the right to offer their opinions on everything that life throws at us. But there is a the counter argument/ question of “isn’t there an over-saturation of everything available to the public anyway?” 

Just because we have so many opportunities and information available to us doesn’t mean that we have to consume all of it. We choose to consume what we want, whether or not it relates to us or it gives us enjoyment in other ways. 

Additionally the same argument can be used in so many other ways in other industries; why do so many people take acting classes when there are so many actors already in the industry? Why open up a retail store selling stationery when you’ve got the big giants with a massive hold on the market? 

Why do so many people have their own vlogs and blogs nowadays, and even more join the ranks on a daily basis? Why bother doing something that is getting over-saturated even before you start?

Don’t get me wrong, questions along the lines of “can I add something new?, “am I qualified enough to have a podcast and offer guidance and advice to others?’ and “what if it fails?!!” were also barriers and fears that sprang into the conscious part of my already frazzled mind.

Fear based thoughts anyone?! Barriers to progress?! Not being my own champion?! Aren’t all of these things within my own proclaimed areas of knowledge and experience? 

I had to hold up a metaphorical mirror to see what I was doing to myself before making the big decision to plough on regardless.


Well I cannot deny that these things hadn’t cruised through my mind on a some-what regular basis but still, the urge to get to grips with the technicalities of having and producing my own podcast was too much to bare so I took a hold of myself, shook myself by the shoulders and told myself to just get on with it. 

So here I am, getting everything together to press publish on my own podcast called On Our Own Terms and throwing myself and my voice to the public in a direction I’d never thought I’d take.


So why am I doing it?

At the beginning of The Creative Revival the seedlings of having a podcast were already bubbling away in the background and had steadily grown over the course of the past 18 months whilst I got to grips with other areas of my business that seemed, dare I say, far more important.

You know how you have an idea and it just won’t fade away? Well this was one of them. In fact it grew with a ferocious determination that it even shocked me!

I’m happiest when I’m helping others out with their own dilemmas, providing guidance and support when it may feel as though things are stagnating or moving backwards. I relish the opportunity to get to know people and dig deep into their motivation, intentions and goals and offer another perspective as to other avenues that may not have seemed a possibility or clear at the time of muddled thinking.

Working with people elicits an enjoyment and fulfilment that I’ve lacked in other areas of work, whether as an employee or self employed, but over the course of this time, I’ve noticed that similar thought patterns and fears were prevalent in all sectors of business, not just related to one or two areas/ industries. The situations are different but fundamentally the crux of the issue is usually the same. 

Branching out with a podcast means that the work that I do with clients and at events is spread out to a wider audience, a lot of whom probably wouldn’t know about what I do without it. 


Multi-tasking you say…

The great thing about having a podcast means that you’re still able to listen to the conversation whilst doing other things… personally I listen to podcast episodes when I’m walking my dog, in my car, when I’m doing housework or when I’m doodling in a sketch pad. I also take something away from the episodes I listen to and if I can, use the hints and tips in my own business and life for the benefit of myself and my clients.


I still love blogging and I’ll still continue to publish blog posts but these aren’t as accessible as podcast episodes. What I mean by this is that there has to be an intention on the reader’s side to sit down and read the words on the screen. 

And I appreciate and applaud this as it shows that the reader is investing their time and interest into the words that are typed into the post. This is invaluable, truly invaluable as it creates a link between you and the reader; you’ve taken the time to get your thoughts down on that metaphorical piece of paper, and the reader has made a conscious decision to read the words and digest the meaning behind the post.


But it cannot be denied that time is precious and if multi-tasking means that your words are still being understood whilst the listener can do something else at the same time, then great. It’s an inclusive act that still means that the purpose of the episode is shared and (hopefully) appreciated by more ears as time goes on.


Technology Geek

I hold my hands up and admit that I’m slightly obsessed with getting to know how things work and how to do things with anything electronically or technological. I don’t know why or how this has grown over the years but I’m the type of person who will actually read the manual of an item, test out some of the features and then bore others (mostly my fiancé) to death with my new-found knowledge. And then head on over to You Tube to delve even deeper into getting the most out of the software or item.

And podcasting totally fulfils that internal need; the software, physical items, testing it all out on others, making mistakes, learning from the process, building on improving over time etc… it certainly takes me to a happy place :)


Getting out there

I can’t deny that having a podcast isn’t a great marketing tool for my own business and it opens up so many more opportunities in terms of getting to know many more business owners and their own struggles in making life work for them on their own terms. And I’m a happy person when I’m making new connections and getting to know more about others as you already know.

I have asked myself “do I have anything different to say from the next person?” and I’ve had to sit down and honestly answer this in the most truthful way possible. And the answer is probably not. There is only so much new information out there and whatever I’m going to cover in my own podcast episodes will probably be likened to what others have and are saying before me. But surely that shouldn’t be a barrier to not ploughing on with my plans and ideas.

My experiences and knowledge are specific to me and what I’ve been through. My approach to life and business will be slightly altered to another Creative Coach but this doesn't mean this avenue of marketing and promotion should be off-limits to either of us. I’m not trying to compete with other coaches out there as I know my experiences, knowledge and approach are specific to me, and the same can be said about the guests I’ll interview on the podcast too.

And I know that I won’t be the last person to take this direction when thinking about their business.


Onto the details…


Now I’ve thrown all of my thoughts onto paper (well a screen) for all to read as to my reasons why I’m starting my own podcast, it makes sense to provide the details for when it actually comes to life! #exciting times.

On Our Own Terms podcast will launch on Wednesday 10th October 2018 and will be a mixture of solo and guest episodes. 

I’ll bring together my own experiences of building and running a business, as well as asking guests about how they've managed to build the lifestyle business they own, as well as hints & tips on overcoming the hurdles and barriers they’ve experienced in their journey along the way. 


If you want to know when the first and subsequent episodes are released, sign up to the newsletter here and you’ll get to know who is the podcast guest and/ or the topic of conversation that I’ll be focussing on for the following episode prior to the published date.