Creative Parent Series: Lucy Sticka from Little Paperie

I'm really fortunate to live in the Midlands where a trip to one of many neighbouring cities or the countryside is just a short drive away. 

And one of my favourite places to visit is Ashbourne, Derbyshire where you can find Lucy Sticka (and her co-partner Heidi Richardson) in their wonderful gift and card shop, Little Paperie, a retail treasure trove of quirky cards, stationery, gift wrap and much more.

So read on to find out more about Lucy, Little Paperie and her son, Jude. 


So tell us more about you and Little Paperie.

I’m a mama to Jude, he’s coming up for 2 in early March (I have no idea where those 2 years have gone!!) I was a knitwear designer for 8 years travelling all over the world before deciding I wanted to think about a family. I wanted to put my creativity to good use and start a business of my own that would fit around family life. I started by designing wedding stationery and whilst I was doing that the Little Paperie dream started to become a reality!

Little Paperie is an award winning stationery and lifestyle boutique located in the beautiful market town of Ashbourne in Derbyshire. We stock luxury brands of stationery, greetings cards, gift-wrap, party décor, and we are a stockist of the best chalk paint in the world; Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan!


Were you a parent before starting your business, or afterwards?

Afterwards! I also had IVF so I was very lucky to have a fab business partner that went through it all with me {stopping on motorways to do injections on the way to trade fairs, putting the hand-dryer on so no-one could hear my pump while I was expressing because I still was breast feeding!! We could write a book!) and kept things going whilst I was off on maternity.


What have been your biggest challenges in balancing being a parent and a business owner?

Late night working and early get ups with a little person! There just aren’t enough hours in the day to get through the never ending to-do list but I'm learning to let go and to realise that some of those jobs can wait and I don’t need to sit up till the small hours every night!


What have been your biggest achievements?

In life – having a miracle baby. Life threw a lot at me and my husband in the last few years, you never quite know what’s around the corner so now we know we have to live every day to the full and make every moment count.

In business -  We won a Reta for being the best greeting card newcomer in the North within 18 months of opening which was amazing for us.

And still being here when this was a little dream 3 years ago that we didn’t even know if people would like!



Are there any lessons you want to impart to Jude?

To work hard to achieve his dreams and not be afraid to take a chance and to be kind and caring to others.


What inspires you to continue doing what you do? 

I love that I’m able to be flexible and work around having Jude so I can be at home for him more than if I was employed by someone else and know that I'm doing this for his future too.

I feel very privileged to be doing something I love everyday.


What advice/ hints & tips would you give to another parent who wants to start their own business?

Just to go for it, you never know what might be around the corner and if you don’t follow your dreams and try how will you ever know what could have been?? 

When we opened Little Paperie I was always open with Heidi that I would like to start a family and didn’t know I’d end up having to go through IVF but it all just becomes part of your story and you do whatever has to be done to get through these things!


You can find Lucy on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram (Lucy and Little Paperie), and Facebook.


Some images were taken from Instagram