Lucy Lucraft (Wanderluce)

I'm a complete travel blog addict and absolutely love finding new bloggers who are 1. great content writers; 2. give honest reviews about the places they've stayed in and 3. come across so friendly and genuine that I can fully imagine having a good old chin-wag on all manner of subjects over big slices of cake and copious cups of coffee with them,

And after being introduced to Lucy's travel blog last year, and furiously reading her posts on everything and anything, I was hooked! 


Lucy is mum to Anaïs and has build a wonderful community around her blog and podcast, no mean feat in a world where we're being told community and engagement is the pinnacle to having a successful business.


So I was thrilled when Lucy agreed to be a part of the Creative Parent Series to share her journey into building her varied and fulfilling lifestyle business.


Tell us more about you and your business.

I primarily work as a freelance journalist covering travel, parenting, health, lifestyle and the occasional opinion piece too.

The other strand to my business is all related to helping bloggers navigate BS (!) through the content I produce on blog, podcast, social media and e-courses too.



Were you a parent before starting your own business, or afterwards?

I started my business before I had my baby so, in a sense, I was able to settle into it when I was ready to because I wasn't starting anything new.

However, I certainly found myself full of creative ideas in pregnancy and when Anaïs was born I realised my true 'why' -- I don't know if I wouldn've had I not had her.

Pre-baby I was wholly focussed on travel and took as many opportunities as I could. This has shifted HUGELU post-baby; I work far fewer hours noe, but I've increased my pound per hour too :)



What have been your biggest challenges in balancing being a parent and a business owner?

In the early days I certainly struggled with time not being my won; I was so full go beans and keen to create but frustrated someone else wanted my time. I don't believe in balancing/ juggling at all so I only work while Anaïs is at nursery... I'm crap at multi-tasking!



And I had a real scarcity mindset at first feeling as though I needed to take every job I was offered to make the sum of lots of poorly paid parts. i realised I actually needed (and wanted) to work a LOT less and earn more per hour. So I invested my time in creating passive revenue streams (my e-courses/ affiliates) and saying no a lot more. Counter-intuitive but it worked!



What have been your biggest achievements so far?

Keeping Anaïs alive for 14 month ;)


I've been SO proud of my podcast, which I started making while pregnant and released when she was a month old.... it went into New & Noteworthy on Apple homepage in its first couple of weeks and it's now got the dreamiest community behind it. It's my second baby!


I'm also always chuffed whenever I get commissions. Doesn't matter how many bylines you have, it's still thrilling when your hard work pays off and you get published.



Are there any lesson you want to impart to Anaïs?

You can do ANYTHING.

Yes, there are limits but if you are as privileged as I have been (white, cis-female living in the UK) then there's no excuse not to follow every dream you have.

And perfectionism is NOT a quality to strive for. Says the recovering perfectionist ;)



Would you change when/ how you started your business and having a family?

Honestly? Nope! Is that hideously smug?!



What inspires you to continue doing what you do?

Seeing those who can't, because of their circumstance.

That always motivates me to stop being a whiner and get the fudge on with things.

I'm a creative too, so that fire is always burning!



What advice/hints & tips would you give to other parents/parents-to-be who wished to start their own business?

Just start. Start with whatever resources you have and however you can.

If you have a crappy camera but want to start taking pictures, do it! Worry about the other stuff later.Because nobody ever succeeded without failing first.


And celebrate being self employed as much as poss.It's easy to create our own 9-5 constructs despite the fact we don't need to work those hours... but try to enjoy the fact you can start at 10 if you want, or take ten minutes to have a dance-off with yourself.


Thanks Lucy!!


You can find Lucy over on Twitter and Instagram.


All images within the post were taken from Lucy's Instagram account.