Creative Parent Series: Lunar Moth Jewellery

Raising a family and running a successful business is hard work, and Puneet Kaur from Lunar Moth Jewellery is excelling at both.


She has 4 young children and owns a jewellery and wedding ring workshop in Nottingham. Here couples can design their own wedding rings to make their special day that extra bit wonderful, something I had never thought existed until I meet Puneet and was touched by her kindness, warmth and sense of humour, as well as her knowledge and skill.


Tell us more about you and your business.

Lunar Moth Jewellery is where all my dreams started.  All I had was an idea that came to me whilst sat at a hair dressers in Essex, that I wanted to design & create jewellery, all around raising my young children. 

Almost 7 years later I have handmade 1000's of pieces of jewellery, met countless of amazing people and love what I do everyday.  

In 2015 I started Nottinghamshire's Wedding Ring Workshop, a luxury 1 day hands on Workshop for engaged couples to design & create their bespoke Wedding Rings under my tuition.

To date I have helped just under 40 couples design and create their own Wedding Rings.

I feel very, very lucky to do what I do.

Where you a parent before starting your business, or afterwards?

When I first started my journey with Lunar Moth Jewellery, I had my 2 eldest daughters who were 3 years old and 1 years old at the time.


When I began my business I knew of nobody else who was a Mum let alone a stay at home Mum who was in business or was starting on their business journey, and it all felt extremely alien and lonely to me.  I was full of self doubt and was afraid of making a fool of myself.


About 2 years after I started Lunar Moth Jewellery, I was pregnant with Twins.  It was an extremely tough pregnancy and I probably took over a year off until I felt able to get back to working on Lunar Moth Jewellery.


What have been your biggest challenges in balancing being a parent and a business owner?

Time, energy, self doubt, lack of experience and oh lack of energy!!

I think what I've learned is that there is no such thing as balance.

I just do my best to meet my family's needs and work on my business.  And sometimes I do it well and sometimes it all goes to pot.  I no longer beat myself up about it, I just do my best and I'm at peace with that.


What have been your biggest achievements?

To be honest I find it difficult to ever recognise any of my achievements.  For me as soon as I've reached one goal, I'm thinking of my next goal and how I'm going to get there.


Are there any lessons you want to impart to your children?

That they truly can achieve ANYTHING that they set their minds on.  I want them to know that they don't have to do what society or culture dictates what they should be doing in life.  They can be successful in what ever they want to in life.

Also to treat people around them well.  That when they offer their services in work to do so with sincerity & integrity. 


What inspires you to continue doing what you do?

I'm inspired to break my own boundaries that I've set on myself through my own life.  


I'm looking forward to what my next idea is going to be!

What advice/ hints & tips would you give to another parent who wants to start their own business?

Just do it.

Ignore the:

 "You won't have time"

"You've never done this before"

"It will be hard"

"How can you look after your children and work"

"Business is hard"


Ignore it all because you know what, they are right.  

They are all right.

Now you have to prove them all wrong.


Also, if you’re in a position to do so, and it lines up with your values my biggest tip is: Outsource.

The house cleaning, childcare, Tesco shopping home delivery, book keeping, website design.

I wasted soooo much time thinking that I had to do it ALL.  

Guess what?

You don't...


You can find Puneet and Lunar Moth Jewellery on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.


Images taken from Lunar Moth Jewellery website and Instagram