Lisa, The Creative Revival


As you may have gleaned from the home page, I’ve had a varied working background so far; in fact you could say I’ve got quite an eclectic working history.


I trained and worked within the criminal justice system and this suited me just fine for a period of time as I enjoyed the variety of the people I supported and guided through some problematic times in their life… you could definitely say that each day was completely different to the next.



Whilst in the midst of this work, I decided to build a wine and spirit company, all stemming from a chance encounter with a product that I fell in love with.

Yep, you read that correctly: saw a product + liked it = set up a business to market and sell it. 

Makes perfect sense doesn’t it.


Never did it occur to me that maybe I was biting off more than I could chew at the time but I threw myself into having a side hustle with utter abandon and gusto.


Looking back, if I’d sat down and considered everything I needed to have sorted out and completed, the pure energy this took would have sucked the joy out of the entire process, but I just ploughed on through.

It was a steep learning curve and *wow* some of the lessons learnt were terrifying and all consuming but all so worthwhile in the long run.


I managed to build and sustain my side hustle and turn it into my full time gig for a number of years. It was a revelation to me that the work and knowledge on negative belief systems, fear based thinking & emotions and taking focussed, actionable steps to change were directly relatable to my self employed work. 



And once I started to use this knowledge to branch out into new directions with my business, I was hooked!




The Creative Revival was born from my experiences of running my own business, and whilst I like to be productive with my time, there’s only so much of me to go around so I decided to close my other business down and dedicate myself to this wonderful venture. Happy days.


And I believe that we all need to have experienced an element of what we offer as a service to others and I am a happy advocate of being on the other side of the 'coaching' couch. Yes it meant I had to re-look at areas of my business that weren't working for me, but I also took great pleasure in being able to see that I had so much more to offer than I originally thought I had... all it took was an outside person to take a peek into my business, thoughts, intentions and plans and provide an honest account of where I was heading.


My values

  • You can change your mindset at your own will, depending on how driven you are to reach your goals; all it takes is practice.


  • Taking responsibility for your own actions is more powerful to you than being told what to do by someone else.


  • Clear and intentional steps, no matter how small they appear, are much more purposeful to your goals than big, vague ideas.




  • If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it… or at least give yourself some time to mull things over a bit before taking action.



  • You are the expert in your life and business, no one can tell you how you should be running both (according to whose standards?!)


  • Once you address the fears and negative emotions holding you back, these will appear so insignificant to your long term goals that you’ll wonder why they panicked you in the first place.