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Hi, I'm Lisa and I'm a Creative Coach.

I support clients to make purposeful changes in their business by working through fear based thoughts and emotions that are holding them back, and support them to take clear, focussed and actionable steps to building a business without fear.


I passionately believe that mindset can either hinder or propel your ideas and goals in building something tangible, something to hold, see and experience rather than remain in the confines of your mind, whether this is taking a side hustle to a full time gig, or developing an existing business to branch out into new directions,


    Without the right mindset who will ever know how great your ideas and business could be!



    A snippet about me

    Working within the criminal justice system meant that I spent a lot of time working with people within group-work settings and on a 1:1 basis, focussing on how their fear based thoughts and emotions contributed to unhappy lives, unresolved issues and unfulfilled dreams.

    And whilst the issues were many and varied, the common theme that encapsulated them all together was how deep rooted fear based thoughts and emotions lead to lives that weren’t lived to the fullest.

    And my reaction was "what a waste of valuable opportunities and talents!"



    When I later started my own business I realised that having a positive mindset and working through fear based thoughts and emotions was applicable in all areas of life, knowledge I applied on a regular basis to all aspects of building a business from scratch.


    And WOW, this was a big revelation to me!


    Yes sometimes things didn’t go according to plan and I faced many business challenges that were mountainous (or so I thought at the time) but what helped me keep turning up was keeping my mindset focussed on my goals and working through my fears to prevent them from stopping me in my tracks in a terrified sweat with heart palpitations, wondering “what the jiggery am I doing?


    I’m a big supporter of championing people along the way and reminding them that they are the expert in their business, my role is to help you dig deeper, overcome your fear based thoughts and emotions and move towards change with clear, focussed and actionable steps, a spring in your step and a smile on your face.


    Sound good to you? Then read on!


    Building the right mindset to change

    Building the right mindset to change



    Fear based thoughts and emotions can prevent great ideas from becoming a reality which I believe is a such a waste of talent and opportunity! Especially when they can be addressed in such a way that allows you to confront them and still progress with your business ambitions.

    By digging deep to uncover the belief systems that underpin your fears and emotions, you can start to build the right mindset to push the fears to the side and strive towards positive change.


    Having clear & purposeful goals

    Having clear & purposeful goals

    Goals are a great way to give you an aim, but they become slightly redundant when you haven’t truly considered why you want to achieve them, and the underlying feelings associated with the changes you want to make.

    Apply intention and purpose to each goal and, along with developing the right mindset, you’ll feel confident in taking the steps to change without fear.


    Be Your Biggest Supporter

    Be Your Biggest Supporter


    The biggest supporter you will ever have in life will be you. OK, and maybe your parents. Your siblings? May not much so; their purpose is to give you as much grief as they can... with love of course.

    The only true expert in what you want to do, how you feel about making changes and taking the actionable steps is you.

    So I say be your own mega-supporter, allow her to shine through with confidence and clarity when you are taking the steps without fear.

    And your internal supporter will be rearing to go once you’ve uncovered the fear based thoughts & emotions that are holding you back from living the life you truly want to. 




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